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Paige Ramsey

paige ramsey collection


Fondly christened in honor of the horse who played an instrumental role in her early career, Sapphire Blue B, and the partner who led Paige to her inaugural FEI victory, MTF Cooley Classic. This namesake is a heartfelt tribute to Steve and Clark's deep Irish heritage.

paige ramsey collection


A classy, timeless maroon shade — a favorite color of Paige’s and a beautiful complement to her other selections.

Paige Ramsey collection


Lovingly dubbed 'Bunny' in honor of Paige's newest addition, Thumper, aka Fashionable Man, this gentle lavender hue serves as a charming nod to his impressive springs.⁣

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paige ramsey

The epitome of a modern-day equestrian

At Victoria Rose Equestrian Athletics, we celebrate the essence of grace, passion, and grace that exemplifies the epitome of equestrian athleticism.