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About our 5th rider select


If you’re looking for a lesson on the importance of perseverance, look no further than young event rider Danielle “Dani” Platt.

Raised in the UK, Dani comes from a family with an animal-loving background. Her mother competed in dressage and eventing and her father was a veterinarian. Eventually settling in the US, her mother started a hunter/jumper lesson and training program. Within that program came the foundation of Dani’s incredibly strong work ethic and desire for self-improvement. She found herself striving to learn and expand her skillset, always working for more saddle time with the goal of getting a bit better each day.

After joining Pony Club in 2013, Dani found her way to the sport of eventing. Her first event horse was a small, green Thoroughbred, which she competed successfully to the Novice level. As she grew up and started trying to make a name for herself on her own, Dani quickly found herself feeling downtrodden and discouraged. She started feeling burnt out with the equestrian world and made plans to sell her horse and quit riding. It was during this sale process that she met five-star rider Joe Meyer, a serendipitous crossing of paths that would prove to make all the difference in the world to Dani.

Joe and his wife Ruthie quickly recognized the drive and promise in Dani and took her under their wing. Dani began working for the Meyers a couple days a week while her horse was on the market, and soon found that having the right people in her corner made all the difference. They believed in Dani, offering her opportunities to ride and show, as well as the support and encouragement she needed to find her footing as a young professional. Rekindling her faith in the industry and rediscovering her passion once more, Dani buckled down and got to work, riding as many horses as she could and endeavoring to learn as much as possible. Soon Dani was working full time for the Meyers, competing the sale horses and helping to maintain the very busy sale program. Dani’s perseverance combined with the support of the Meyers was a winning formula, and she is now well-established in the business, successfully running the sale horse program.

These days Dani has drive and passion to rival the very best, with top-level aspirations and plan to develop her own string of horses. She’s currently working on her first syndicate with her mare Ballygriffin Chacoa Power (aka Squishy) who she hopes will be her first big superstar. Dani embodies so many of the qualities that we look for in our VREA collaboration athletes, and we’re proud to feature this inspiring young equestrian’s collection.

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